The holistic view of identity design

Liquid trends = nothing is fixed

Identity design is a design discipline that has captivated me for 15 years. It’s the essence and definition of who you are, whether it’s an individual or a brand. Intertwined with branding and sometimes confused with it, identity design determines, develops, and communicates expression.

Identity design is shaped by many elements, elements that form a distinctive character. But they shouldn’t stray too far from your DNA; it’s about finding a balance between resonating with the target audience and being true to who you really are. We develop guidelines, frameworks, and aesthetics. We document them from physical to digital.

But to what extent can we capture everything? From styleguides to design systems, but an identity is so much more than just capturing it in systems. Everything must be able to move along at all times.


This is actually where everything begins, creating artifacts, from nothing to something. An identity is like all atoms connecting with each other, small artifacts that make you, you. They form the whole.

When each artifact is developed and chosen with a nuanced eye, surprising combinations emerge. From color and fonts to patterns, shapes, and materials.

Design for sense, the sensory approach

When developing your identity, you can ask yourself, which elements fit with our DNA, proposition, and positioning, and which resonate with our target audiences.

  • Visual
  • Tactility
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Temperature


And what could the application be? Is it for a physical product or for a digital experience? How do the different elements interact with each other and create harmony? An identity depends not only on the well-known basics; identity design is about thinking about how you can translate certain experiences into your expression. See the form apart from the content.


Storytelling is not a new kid on the block. It’s the way we’ve been connecting everything for centuries, making it understandable and intriguing. The way we tell and show things is an art, and this way is how we can steer and touch emotions. Of course, everything has to do with context and individual preferences. An identity is nothing without storytelling, and vice versa; it influences perception.

Color & materials, finish & patterns

In short, design for CMF + pattern design. A discipline that greatly intrigues me. Everything that is an identity comes together here. It connects 4 very important pillars; psychology, marketing, aesthetics & manufacturing. Sustainability is a major connector here. We are all aware that we need to strive for a circular world and make more use of raw materials from natural sources & source our resources more locally. The gap between marketing and manufacturing still exists, we really need to understand each other so that we can share a narrative that truly makes sense and adds value.

From artifacts to sustainability is a big leap but everything is interconnected; The holistic view of identity design.