Holistic and sensemaking mindset

Self-awareness, isn’t that where everything begins? Focus on what intrinsically motivates and unconsciously guides you. Focus on soft skills that you naturally possess. In today’s world, soft skills are becoming paramount, so why not fully invest in these skills?

Accepting skills that you don’t yet possess but can potentially gain control over with patience. And perhaps you can complement me.

Seeing the added value of investing in every piece of knowledge has led me. I saw designers investing time in a range of tools, from UX to 3D. It’s something that is expected of a designer… but this way, you specialize. And for me, it was about the bigger picture, how big I now know. So big… that it’s infinite. A holistic and sense-making mindset. Technology advances quickly, very quickly, and you have to be obsessively engaged to stay ahead. So let’s choose a direction that intrinsically motivates us.

That’s precisely what I have been doing over the past decade. Some steps consciously, and some things completely unconsciously, but they suddenly find a place in my internal visual map. The landscape of knowledge has grown a little every year. Connections are made faster, and the Aha! moments are continuously multiplied.