Creating for the bigger picture

Generating ideas based on acquired data,  a holistic overview, manage the unknown and applying imagination, while keeping a clear goal in mind. 

Creating concepts requires extensive research, a significant dose of empathy and imagination, followed by inspiration. I am working on developing concepts for three key issues:

  • Identity
  • Aesthetics
  • Experience

My vision is that everything is interconnected. It’s in my DNA to see similarities across various disciplines. I view design disciplines within the broader context; they intersect, intertwine, and emerge through each other.


An defined identity is what you want to convey. It is what and who you are, largely determined by your DNA. It is a style and a way to position and present yourself to the outside world. A visual identity primarily focuses on the visual aspect, including color, typography, patterns, illustration, layout, and imagery, but tangible elements can also be defined. What about textures, material usage, or scent and sound? An identity can be experienced with all the senses. The more sensory touch points you use, the more complete your identity becomes. If you want a place in the minds of your target group, ensure that experiences are remembered, and positive memories are associated with your identity.


Aesthetics, the essence of beauty. There are aesthetic guidelines, but whether something is “beautiful” depends on individual perception and context. However, it has been scientifically proven that as humans, we have preferences, such as symmetry, balance of elements, and contrast, known as the Gestalt principles. These principles are applied in the design landscape.

Zooming in on product design, functionality and user experience (UX) are undoubtedly crucial aspects. With a product, you aim to provide a solution for the target group. However, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so how can you stand out? Aesthetics are an essential aspect because a significant part of the product choice is determined by aesthetics. It is an unparalleled tool when it comes to positioning.


Isn’t it all about experiences? We want to experience a good work-life balance, shop with the right personalized omnichannel experience, hold a sustainable high-end product in our hands, and spend our free time that sharpens or relaxes all our senses. We design for lifestyle, create for the senses, and ensure that everything aligns with each other.

Keep these keywords in mind:

Integration – Fits our lifestyle & planet

Senses – Triggers emotions

Blurring – Phygital mindset

My proces

Based on 12 years of corporate experience and research


• Get to know

• Purposal

Step 1

• Analyse

Backed by deep understanding

• Objective interviews

• Insights hard en soft data

• Analyse questions, scope & goals

Step 2

• Creativity

Backed by imagination

• Research & inspiration

• Formulate ideas and scenario

• Moodboards en sketches

Get a multi-sensory mindset

Step 3

• Deliver

Backed by design knowhow

• Concept playbook

• Storyline

• Keyvisuals, mock-ups & layouts

"Top down thinking: Turn data in to personal stories, or turn stories in to personal data (demand)"

Let's share our worlds

Extend your in-house team with objective spirit , creative interpretation
and deep understanding of sensemaking.


backed by production knowhow
Custom made
  • Sensemaking first
  • Styleboards & sketches
  • Storyline & scenario
  • Visuals & layouts
  • Concept playbook

Special project

backed by strategic imagination
78,- per hour
  • Objective participant
  • Holistic mindset
  • Creative interpretation
  • Inspirational boost
  • Aesthical microscoop